Let the conference presentations and workshops begin!

It’s going to be an eventful week, starting Friday 23rd November, I’ll be co-facilitating a writing workshop at the Australian Learning Analytics Summer Institute (ALASI), presenting at the Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education (ASCILITE) conference, and sharing my research at the Association for Academic Language and Learning (AALLS) – Halliday Symposium.

In the ALASI workshop From features to feedback: Designing automated feedback for student writing we’re going to explain how to create actionable, formative feedback from detecting certain writing features using our Text Analytic Pipeline (TAP) and AcaWriter. This is a hands on workshop. We will scaffold how we’ve created targeted feedback using a feedback framework, and participants will have the opportunity to create their own feedback messages.

On Monday the 26th of November, I’ll be presenting my very first conference paper. While I am very excited to be presenting my paper Designing personalised, automated feedback to develop students’ research writing skills. In Proceedings Ascilite 2018at ASCILITE, I’m also very nervous! My paper explains in more detail how I created the AcaWriter CARS parser. It also goes through the mapping of AcaWriter’s rhetorical moves to Swales (1990) Create A Research Space Model (CARS) and how I’ve instantiated the CARS model in the tool. I establish the importance of feedback in the writing process and how it is an integral part of producing quality texts. However, I present previous research which shows that supervisor feedback is not always helpful or timely. My paper argues that Writing Analytics, and more specifically AcaWriter can be a potential approach to provide to providing immediate, constructive feedback on PhD students’ writing.  I’m hoping to effectively explain all this in my 20 minute presentation. So, if you’re heading to ASCILITE, come check out my talk. Here are my sides from my talk. 

As, the AALLS – Halliday Symposium is a tribute to M.A.K Halliday, my talk Incorporating genre-based pedagogies to design a writing analytics tool for doctoral writing, explains how my background in Applied Linguists and knowledge of Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL) and English for Specific Purposes (ESP) has informed my work in developing AcaWriter’s CARS parser and the learning design of the writing workshops I’ve developed and facilitated.

Phew, it’s going to be a busy week! If you’re attending any of these events, please come and say hi! : )

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