Hi, I'm Sophie and I'm a PhD student at the Connected Intelligence Centre (CIC) at the University of Technology Sydney and a teacher by trade.  My research is on Writing Analytics which makes use of analytical techniques to provide automated feedback on student writing. I have a background in Academic Language and Learning, an area I have taught in for over eight years. I have taught academic writing to many different students, from Japanese high school students to undergraduates, masters students and PhD students in a variety of disciplines, such as STEM, business, health, psychology and sports science.

My research is investigating how Writing Analytics can be used to help support Higher Degree Research (HDR) students with their research writing. Especially, in the early stages of their writing. I am also interested in HDR students epistemological beliefs, particularly in regards to writing and learning. My supervisors are Kirsty Kitto, Simon Buckingham Shum and Simon Knight.


If you would like to get in touch you can email me at sophie.abel@student.uts.edu.au